Features to enjoy…


Take a look below and see how 123-Invoicing can benefit your businesa and take it forward and streamlined.

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Company Details 

Upload your companies logo, amend the colours to match you companies and add in your names/locations and contact details

Custom Quoting

Create quotes for your customers and custom each line added. 

Send these direct to your customers in which the quote will be attached as a .pdf that the customer can download and view.

Custom Invoices

Turn your quotes into invoices or create new ones for your customers. 

Included is a gateway in which the customer can pay your directly. 

Auto Generated Receipts

Tired of sending receipts to customers, then welcome to 123-Invoicing! 

Mark your invoices as ‘paid’ and the platform will auto generate a receipt and email this off to the customer. 

The customer can then view this as an attached .pdf and download/print if needed.

Sync Invoices to your diary

Not sure what work you have booked in and when each day, sync your invoices and time to your prefered diary. 

Supported are Google, Outlook and iCloud accounts. 

User friendly dashboards

Want to quickly work out what you have outstanding, or yet to be paid, maybe how much money you have turned over in the last 90 days. 

Our dashboards will be able to break this down for you and make it easy to read at quick glances.